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Breaking Bad | First and Final Appearances (excluding flashbacks)

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Led Zeppelin, ‘Going to Calfornia’

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Tearing my way through season 4 of Breaking Bad, trying to slow down but it’s too damn addictive. Even signed up to Netflix today purely because they will have the first part of season 5 on the 1st of November, but it’s still gonna be a fucking lonnnng wait for the second half :( Life is just too hard sometimes.

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One of my old band’s instrumental rough demos called ‘Border Patrol’ I miss playing metal :/

Holy fuck Ewan, I’d never even heard that before you posted it! Pretty much forgotten all the songs we wrote, apart from ‘Chuggedy Chugg’ of course.. Not bad for a bunch of young lads from Orkney if I do say so myself.

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